I’m only human; you can’t trust what I say. Though it’s true, I hope it won’t drive you away. I’m only human, imperfect and flawed. My mistakes show me how much I need God. No matter how much goodness and light you see. Not one person can be trusted fully. Do not set your heart … Continue reading Human


Weeds Of the Heart

Sins are weeds, With tiny seeds, Even too tiny to blame. It’s so small, You can’t recall, From where and whence it came. Unassuming, When it is blooming, It attracts no heed. Mild and weak, It does not seek, To cause a heart to bleed. In place of a thorn, Flowers adorn, Its mystifying presence. … Continue reading Weeds Of the Heart

Season As A Man

I write journals. I have twelve of them now; I have been writing since I was young. Four years pass and I look at my stack of journals. I open them. I read them. It is like meeting someone new. The journals take me through a journey; I meet myself many times. Sometimes I recognize … Continue reading Season As A Man


God Loves Through His People

Do you know what I have learned in this journey of self-sacrilege?  I have learned, what love is. That sounds dreadfully cliche.  I do not mean it that way.  Please, let me explain:   My family used to live in South America where we were not familiar with the native language or customs and it … Continue reading God Loves Through His People


Solid Truth

       Perhaps I speak too much in second tense; to you.        Perhaps I should talk more about me.        It sounds self promoting-- doesn't it-- in context with the name of this blog and what it stands for.  But, think of the other side.  If I never talked about … Continue reading Solid Truth