Power Of Gentleness

When I was young I went through a stage in which interactions with my parents induced me to respond in defiance or displeasure.  It was not usually my intention to act unkindly, but I did.  I had the habit of calling my mother mildly insultive names.  One night I was brushing my teeth and realized … Continue reading Power Of Gentleness


God Loves Through His People

Do you know what I have learned in this journey of self-sacrilege?  I have learned, what love is. That sounds dreadfully cliche.  I do not mean it that way.  Please, let me explain:   My family used to live in South America where we were not familiar with the native language or customs and it … Continue reading God Loves Through His People

Solid Truth

       Perhaps I speak too much in second tense; to you.        Perhaps I should talk more about me.        It sounds self promoting-- doesn't it-- in context with the name of this blog and what it stands for.  But, think of the other side.  If I never talked about … Continue reading Solid Truth


Former Self

We all in our own selfish way like to believe that we are right.  We do not want to think of ourselves as "wrong".  Misinformed, perhaps.  Ignorant, possibly.  But surely, our opinions, our innermost feelings and deepest desires are not wrong. Opinions and preferences differ, it is true.  There is a great diversity in this world. … Continue reading Former Self


The Curse of Indifference

      "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." (Revelation 3:16)       Oh, the curse of indifference!  I hope it bypasses you entirely and you remain unhindered to do the Lord's work zealously.       It is easy to … Continue reading The Curse of Indifference